Thursday, 14 February 2013

Coming soon!

"It was summer. He was young, and he was desperately in love with Ylajali, the most stunning thrall girl he had ever seen. And Helgi Blackbeard, the king's captain-of-arms, had plotted to marry her, for his own sick pleasure. The events took place during the king's stay at Vik, Sigve's homestead. But how he had dared carve those runes on Gisli's sword-hilt, Sigve could never figure out."

To readers: The Slayer Rune is in its final stages of editing and proof-reading, and a Kindle version will be published on Amazon in a matter of weeks. The Lethal Oath will soon follow, and I have also started drafting a third book in the series with the working title Gold. In the mean time you can read excerpts here on the blog, and for those really interested I may have a special offer at the end of chapter three.