Who is John Snow?

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John Snow is a pen-name. I chose this pseudonym  when I started writing my Viking stories. My real name is Terje Hillesund and I'm professor of Media and Communication at University of Stavanger in Norway. At the university I teach media theory to students in Journalism and TV and Multimedia Production.

In addition to media studies, I have a deep interest in literature and mythology, especially Norse mythology, and in Viking history. I enjoy reading the Old Edda, Icelandic sagas, and books on the Viking Age. One evening, when my wife watched me sitting among my books and computers, she asked why I didn't write a Viking story. "If you find a good pen-name, I will," I said. Knowing I read "A Game of Thrones" at the time, she suggested "Jon Snow", but I said no. "I will not steal the name of such a wonderful character," I said, and called myself John Snow. (Just as one of my characters was to be called Yljali and not Ylajali after one of Knut Hamsun's most famous female characters.)

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My current profile image. It is made
from an old drawing depicting
Harald Hardrada.
In my academic research I have been interested in printed media (newspapers, journals, books), and their transformation in the Age of Internet. I have written reports and scholarly articles on e-books, XML, and open access, but I had never before written fiction. When I chose to self-publish my stories as e-books, it was partly out of professional curiosity. But first of all I meant I had stories to tell and believed e-book publication was a convenient way of publishing. I must admit I had little idea how difficult it is to reach a potential online readership when you have to manage everything yourself - in your spare time.

An even greater challenge has been to write fiction in English. Norwegian is my first language, and before I started on the Viking stories I was accustomed to use English in scholarly texts only. I don't why I chose to write in English, but a few years ago, on a publishing conference, a British publisher provocatively asked why Scandinavian authors didn't write novels in English. I found the whole idea ridiculous and argued strongly against it, saying that literature had to be written in the mother tongue; that it was a bad idea for a Scandinavian author to write directly in English.

My wife and I  live in Stavanger near Hafrsfjord (where Harald Fairhair after a big battle united Norway into one kingdom in 872 AD.) We have two sons. One is grown-up and the other is ten years old.
Terje Hillesund
Terje Hillesund


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