Sunday, 3 June 2018

"The Viking War" is out!

Finally the fifth book in the Viking Series is here. You can buy or lend it at Amazon.
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The Viking War
The Viking War is coming!

The Viking War is the final book in the Viking Series. Strife is building in the northern countries, and Sigve is fighting for a king he fears and despises.

At the beginning of the book, Sigve the Awful has met a woman called Life. She is the king's pet, a prey from a Viking raid in the far north, and Sigve's grudge against King Greycloak turns into hatred when he hears Queen Life's story.

To save his people, Sigve has sworn fealty to the Norwegian king. One of his more bizarre duties is to satisfy the desires of the king's mother, the Bitch Queen, whose perverse needs are endless.

Sigve owns the Sea Serpent, a very fast ship. When the king asks him to escort an envoy to King Bluetooth in Denmark, Sigve meets old enemies and old friends. In the tense situation – a battle is approaching – he seeks opportunities to solve both his own and Queen Life's problems. The Viking War brings the Saga of Sigve to a dramatic end.

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