Friday, 15 June 2018

"The Viking War" moves to Denmark

John Snow's The Viking War moves to Denmark

In my historical Viking series, the story moves to Jelling in Denmark where King Harald Bluetooth is in conflict with Gold-Harald, his nephew, who claims the throne. The story dives into the events that lead up to the great sea-battle at Hals, in which Sigve the Awful plays a decisive role.

At the beginning of the book, Sigve, rather unwillingly, serves King Greycloak and his mother, Queen Gunnhild, at Avaldsnes in Norway. At the king's farm, he has met a woman called Life. She is the king's pet, a prey from a Viking raid in the far north, and Sigve's grudge against King Greycloak turns into hatred when he hears Queen Life's story.

Sigve owns a very fast longship, the Sea Serpent. When the king asks him to escort an envoy to Denmark, he meets old enemies and old friends, among them Earl Hakon, the great schemer. In the tense situation – a battle is approaching – Sigve seeks opportunities to solve both his own and Queen Life's problems.

Sigve the Awful's ship Sea Serpent sails to Denmark
Sigve the Awful and Harald Greycloak sail to Denmark
The conflict between Harald Bluetooth and Gold-Harald

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