Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A great sea-battle ends John Snow's Viking series.


My historical Viking series has come to an end. The final book has its own plot and story-line, but threads are also picked up from earlier books. Some of you may have wondered what happened to Odd the Squinter and the Body from book two, or to Earl Hakon and Yljali from book three. And where is Harald Grenske, Sigve's old enemy? And what about Sigrunn Silkyhair: will she find happiness at last? And Sigve himself, will he survive?

The Viking War by John Snow
A great battle ends "The Viking Series" and old threads are picked up
and woven into a surprising conclusion in "The Viking War".

In “The Viking War” the story moves to Jelling in Denmark where King Harald Bluetooth is in conflict with Gold-Harald, his nephew, who claims the throne. The book follows the events that lead up to the great sea-battle at Hals, in which Sigve the Awful plays a decisive role.

At the beginning of the book, Sigve the Awful serves King Greycloak and his mother in Norway. At the king's farm, he has met a woman called Life. She is the king's pet, a prey from a Viking raid in the far north, and Sigve's grudge against King Greycloak turns into hatred when he hears Queen Life's story. When he is sent with his longship to Denmark a battle is approaching and Sigve seeks opportunities to solve both his own and Queen Life's problems.

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Sigve the Awful sails with Harald Greycloak to Denmark in The Viking War by John Snow
Sigve the Awful sails with Harald Greycloak to Denmark ...
fierce sea battle in The Viking War by John Snow
... and a great sea-battle ensues in Limfjord at Hals.

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