Monday, 11 March 2013

Hemp and bjor

Archaelogical findings show that Norwegian Vikings grew hemp. Or as the researchers would say: they cultivated cannabis. Hemp fibers were used in textiles and ropes, and the plant was probably used to make drugs. Cannabis seeds have been found in excavations in Southern Norway and in the Oseberg grave. This has led some researcher to believe that one of the women in the grave was a powerful volva and a master of seid.

"The women had brewed bjor, the strongest beer; the girls had mixed the brew with hemp and other mind-bending herbs. The chieftain was planning a big feast. The hall was painted and decorated with deep-coloured rugs, and tables were set up and covered with bowls and drinking horns." ...

"Sigurd had gone to bed too, but he kept on listening. All around couples were panting and moaning, far more than usual. A fair number of women kept wandering across the floor to see to men. And none gave up that easy Sigurd could hear; many were at it several times, they were worshipping Njord." ...

"Sigurd lay perfectly still, and awake. He listened with his whole body, and suddenly he could hear Ylajali. She rose silently from the bench, and she stole through the room. Was she coming to him?"
(Citations from The Slayer Rune.)


  1. This could almost be describing a hippie gathering, except that their ideology on violence probably dosn't fit!
    Well written and captivating reading though!

  2. Thank you. And to your hippie association: I can see it now, but the citations are taken out of their context after all.