Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Slayer Rune is stirring

I am proud to tell you that The Slayer Rune is now for sale. You can buy it here at

The Slayer Rune is a historical action-adventure novel with slight supernatural elements. It's a story of love and hate and Viking action, infused with Norse mythology. Does Sigurd’s love for Ylajali lead to his actions, or do darker powers force him to do terrible deeds?

In the book you’ll meet Helgi Blackbeard, Big Bork and his brother Bork Berserk, Skarphedin the Second-Sighted, Grim, Hild, Sigrunn Silkyhair, the Witch from Spedale and the main character Sigurd (later called Sigve the Awful) and his love Ylajali. Will he get her?

Next book in the series is The Lethal Oath. Here I have added in Kale Curved-Cock and the Body, his daughter.

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